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Skills Tasmania

How to enter

Why should I enter?

As an individual or business, a Tasmanian Training Award offers the winner and finalists the chance to gain personal satisfaction and the prestige of being part of an elite group who unequivocally represent Tasmania’s best in vocational education and training. Winners from the Tasmanian Training Awards (in aligned categories) have the opportunity to compete with other states and territories to be named the best in Australia at the following annual Australian Training Awards held in November.

Eligibility and Conditions of Entry

To nominate for a particular category, you must meet certain eligibility criteria and agree to the conditions of entry. These are clearly shown in the Nomination Guide for each category. Go to the individual or business page for further information or to view or download the Nomination Guide.

How do I enter?

Entering the Tasmanian Training Awards requires you to complete an application and if shortlisted, attend an interview. Here are more details about the application process.

Main steps

  1. Select the category. Select the category that you want to enter and download the Nomination Guide (you will find these under the individual or business tabs).
  2. Eligibility and Conditions of Entry. Ensure you meet the eligibility criteria and conditions of entry (you will find these in the Nomination Guide).
  3. Complete the Application. Ensure you address the overview and all the selection criteria, keeping in mind there is a word limit for each criterion. For student award applicants enlist the help of your employer/teacher/trainer if you need to and provide copies of supporting material such as references.
  4. Submit your application. Applications are to be completed online using the Award Force portal

Finalists will be advised once shortlisting is complete. Interviews will be conducted for the finalists in July.


Who can you get help from when applying?

Individuals - your employer, your teacher, your training organisation, your Group Training Organisation or Skills Tasmania (Jacqui Maclaine, Special Events Co-ordinator on (03) 6165 6008 or by email at

Businesses – contact Jacqui Maclaine, Special Events Co-ordinator on (03) 6165 6008 or by email at