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Did you know the Tasmanian Government can help pay for your training?
Good training is a really valuable tool that can help you get a good job and open up opportunities.

What career opportunities are there if I do more training?
Undertaking vocational education and training (VET) provides you with skills that are nationally recognised and sought after, giving you greater career choices.

Recognition of prior learning (RPL) - have your skills formally recognised
Skills recognition is the acknowledgment by a registered training organisation that a person has gained an appropriate level of skills and knowledge that would have otherwise been developed through formal training.

How can I find out what training is available and who can provide it?
There is a wide range of training opportunities in Tasmania and interstate for people of all ages, for new entrants as well as people returning to study or currently in the workforce.

What if I'm interested in becoming a trainee or apprentice?
Step-by-step instructions on becoming a trainee or apprentice; this is a good starting point for anyone interested in finding out how to become a trainee or apprentice.

Unique Student Identifier (USI)
(External link: Australian Government's USI website).
The USI is a tool to give students easier access to their VET records by providing accurate and comprehensive information about students' training achievements within the VET system. The USI will help build a consistent, national system for the storage of training information with benefits to students, training organisations, employers and governments.

Tasmanian Government subsidised qualifications, and apprenticeships and traineeships
The Tasmanian Government helps pay for the cost of training by subsidising a wide range of qualifications.This page lists registered training organisations (RTOs) with subsidies to deliver apprenticeships, traineeships and other training in Tasmania.

2018 Tasmanian Vocational Education and Training (VET) Student Survey
The 2018 Tasmanian VET Student Survey aims to collect information on the reasons why students undertake training and whether the training helps these students achieve their goals. Also, for students who did not complete their training, the survey collects information on the reasons why they did not complete.