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Building and construction training policy

This policy is designed to ensure that expenditure on government-funded building and construction projects helps to maintain skills in the industry.

Contractors and sub-contractors are required to use apprentices for a minimum of 20% of the labour required on-site and off-site for work undertaken on Tasmanian Government contracts.

The Policy

See also:

Treasurer’s Instructions PF-4
Government Building and Construction Training Policy
Provides instructions on the processes that agencies must follow when a Building and Construction procurement is affected by the Government Building and Construction Training Policy.

Treasurer’s Instructions PF-6
Definitions and Interpretation
Provides the definitions and interpretations that apply to the Treasurer’s Instructions.

Compliance / Reporting Forms

Compliance Declaration | Word 23KB | revised Oct 2019
The Compliance Declaration accompanies your tender submissions and is a declaration that you will adhere to the Government Building and Construction Training Policy.

Compliance Plan | Excel 34KB | revised Feb 2018
Compliance Plans outlines how compliance will be achieved.

Compliance Report | Word 343KB | revised Aug 2018  
Compliance Reports (interim and final) detail the apprentices employed on the project.

Statutory Declaration | Word 47KB | revised Jul 2015
A statutory declaration must accompany interim and final compliance reports.