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Issuing certificates and statements of attainment

All qualifications issued must comply with the Australian Qualifications Framework (AQF). The AQF Guidelines can be obtained from the website (

For information regarding the issuing of qualifications and statements of attainment please refer to:

This page provides a specific Fact sheet outlining the ASQA requirements:

In line with national consistency, Skills Tasmania no longer requires the use of the Skills Tasmania logo on either the certificates or statements of attainment.

Promotion and publicity

As outlined in the Skills Tasmania Agreement, the RTO will be responsible for any promotion or advertising of the training. This will be done at the RTO's expense.

  • Any promotion of the training subsidised under this agreement must acknowledge the assistance of Department of State Growth with the words: 'This training is subsidised by the Department of State Growth, Tasmania'.
  • All qualifications or statements of attainment issued must bear the Nationally Recognised Training logo - any relevant protocols regarding the use of these logos must be observed.
  • Where training was undertaken with a training contract in place, the following wording is required: 'Achieved through an apprenticeship or traineeship arrangement'.
  • Where the RTO wishes to invite a member of the State or Commonwealth Parliament to attend a graduation or other public event associated with the training purchased under this agreement, the RTO must advise Skills Tasmania of that intention prior to the finalisation of such arrangements so that all parties concerned can be adequately briefed.
  • Use of Skills Tasmania's logo is reserved for activities undertaken by Skills Tasmania and is not to be used by the RTO under any circumstances.

For further information contact:

Carolyn Nichols
Director Training Operations
Skills Tasmania
Ph: 03 6165 6024