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What career opportunities are there if I do more training?

The demand for qualified people to work in industry is increasing all the time.  Businesses are looking for people who have skills that will help their business grow and meet the demands for future skill needs.  Undertaking vocational education and training (VET) provides you with skills that are nationally recognised and often sought after locally and interstate, even overseas in many cases. 

There are many ways you can gain skills; you can gain them in your current job by undertaking additional training, you can train in a field other than your current job so you have the opportunity to change direction into something you really want to do.  You can undertake a traineeship or apprenticeship and even after completing a traineeship or apprenticeship you can then look at building on to those skills by then pursuing higher level qualifications at Certificate IV, Diploma and Advanced Diploma. 

Another really good way to find out if a certain trade interests you is to look at doing a pre-apprenticeship course. These courses really help you see if it's the job for you and often once you've completed the course you have a much stronger chance of getting an apprenticeship because you already have skills that the employer can use straight away.

Training will give you the skills and career choices you want, and put you on a pathway to the world you want.

Job vacancies

Rising employment opportunities and skill shortages within a number of professions and industries in Tasmania makes this an ideal time for people who are looking for work. There are many jobs waiting for you that give you an opportunity to train on the job.

To see what's available in the type of job that you would like to train for search on the Australian Jobsearch website, which has information on occupations and careers, where you can find out about jobs with good prospects, weekly earnings, type of work and other useful occupational information.

Other useful job and career sites