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I am experiencing issues with my employer or training provider

Are you an apprentice or trainee who is experiencing issues with your employer or registered training organisation?

Issues with your Employer

Things don’t always go as smoothly as we would like. Here are some issues that might arise:

  • You are working unsupervised.
  • You are not being released for training or assessment with your RTO.
  • You are not undertaking work that is relevant to the qualification you are enrolled in.
  • You are being bullied or harassed in the workplace.
  • You feel like you need support in regards to your training such as support for literacy or numeracy or other areas of your apprenticeship or traineeship.

If you do need to talk to someone, please contact a Workforce Training Consultant.

1Considering resigning?

If you are considering resigning from employment to sign into a new apprenticeship with a different employer you need to be aware that because you are in a legal binding contract with your current employer you will have to apply to cancel the training contract and this must be by mutual consent and your employer could apply to TTAC to dispute against your cancellation application in accordance with the Training and Workforce Development Act 2013.  It is also important to check with Fair Work on how much notice you are required to provide, see below for further details.  Please contact a Workforce Training Consultant to discuss further.

2Unpaid wages or entitlements

If you are experiencing issues in regards to unpaid wages or entitlements, not receiving payslips or being paid, you will need to contact Fair Work.

3Issues with your training provider

If you are experiencing issues with your RTO and you and your employer have tried to resolve the matter with your RTO, then you should contact a Workforce Training Consultant.

4Guide for apprentices and trainees

Below is an online guide to assist apprentices and trainees in Tasmania.

Guidance for apprentices and trainees (PDF)