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How can I find out what training is available and who can provide it?

There is a wide range of vocational education and training (VET) available in Tasmania and interstate for people of all ages. Training is available for new entrants as well as people returning to study or currently in the workforce.

Training can be provided in a range of ways; through apprenticeships and traineeships, distance learning, in a classroom, online or a combination of all. 

Decide on the type of work and industry you want to work in. Find out if there is training or a qualification available in the industry that you have chosen by browsing the list of qualifications available on the (TGA) website. This website is the official national register of information on training packages, qualifications, courses, units of competency and registered training organisations.

Find a course/qualification

To find out what qualifications are offered in Tasmania or interstate, and which RTOs provide them, go to TGA's search page and:

  • 'Search for Training Component' (training packages, qualifications, accredited courses, units of competency, skill sets)
  • Click on the code/Details link and, if available, click on the 'Find RTOs approved to deliver this qualification'.
    • If you want to know if and what RTOs are delivering that training component in Tasmania, click on the 'Modify search' button and select 'TAS'.

Note: The national database will be able to tell you which RTOs have scope to deliver which training component, however you'll need to contact RTOs directly to find out if they are delivering that training at the time.

The My Skills site is another useful resource that provides information on VET courses and training organisations. My Skills has an easy to use search engine where you can search on qualifications, including all qualifications that are offered in Tasmania currently (or you can narrow this search to qualifications that you're interested in by entering the industry (e.g. 'plumbing') in the 'Title/Code' field).


Find a training provider

When choosing a registered training organisation (RTO) to deliver your training make sure you talk to them about what style of learning best suits you. You should also talk to them about your existing skills and how they may be able to be recognised as well.

For a list of registered training organisations (RTOs) delivering subsidised training in Tasmania, visit the Tasmanian Government subsidised courses, and apprenticeships and traineeships page.