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Tasmania specific requirements

AVETMISS State Specific Fields for Tasmania

Tasmania is introducing a number of new State specific fields which will need to be reported from the 2020 data collection year. These will be in addition to the State specific fields reported in the 2019 collection year. Skills Tasmania currently requires the following two State specific fields to be reported by government funded Registered Training Organisations (RTOs):

In the NAT00120:

  1. Funding source – state training authority**
  2. Purchasing contract identifier**

From the 2020 collection year the following additional fields will also need to be reported:

In the NAT00080:

  1. Client Industry of Employment*
  2. Client Occupation Identifier*

In the NAT00120:

  1. Client Tuition Fee**
  2. Program Enrolment Identifier*
  3. Client Resource Fee*

In the NAT00130:

  1. Income Contingent Loan Indicator*
  2. Program Commencement Date*
  3. Program Enrolment Identifier*
  4. Program Status Identifier*
  5. Client Resource Fee*
  6. Client Tuition Fee*

*New addition to the AVETMISS 8.0 ‘below-the-line’ list of fields published by NCVER

** Already part of the AVETMISS 8.0 ‘below-the-line’ list of fields published by NCVER

All relevant specifications, including definitions can be found in the Tasmanian Specific Reporting Requirements for the AVETMISS VET Provider Collection (v. 1.01 updated 27 September 2019) [PDF 1.7MB] [Word 600KB]

RTOs are required to update their Student Management Systems to enable reporting of data for the new fields for all training activity taking place from 1 January 2020. RTOs can ask for an exemption if they are unable to update their systems by the time of their first submission for 2020 training activity. However, their submission for the first quarter of 2020 (January to March 2020), due by 15 April 2020, must meet the new requirements. Exemption requests for activity reporting prior to the first quarter submission (due 15 April 2020) can be sent to

All validation checks for the eight new fields will be warnings for the first six months of 2020 to allow RTOs time to become familiar with the new reporting requirements. Failed validation checks will generate errors at the end of that period.

Guidelines for reporting students continuing their enrolment from 2019

The following fields will not be required for students who are continuing their enrolment from the previous year:

  1. Client Industry of Employment
  2. Client Occupation Identifier
  3. Income Contingent Loan Indicator

Blank entries for these fields will return warnings only.

In the NAT00120 the following fields will not be required for subjects with a Start Date prior to 01/01/2020.

  1. Client Tuition Fee
  2. Client Resource Fee

In the NAT00130 the following fields could be filled either with the fee amount or with 00000 for clients who are continuing from 2019.

  1. Client Tuition Fee
  2. Client Resource Fee