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What is available through a VET course?

If you are looking to upskill your staff, employ an apprentice or trainee, or develop your workforce, vocational education and training (VET) is a great choice.

There are over 800 VET courses available in Tasmania that can help skill up your employees.

VET courses range from entry level Certificate I and II, higher level Certificate III and IVs, through to Diplomas and Advanced Diplomas. They also vary in length from full qualifications taking several years, to short courses and skill sets which are much shorter in duration.

There is usually a VET course to suit every need.

1Courses available - level, type and delivery

VET courses range from Certificate I, II, III, IV, to Diplomas and Advanced Diplomas, along with skill sets and short courses, which include a number of nationally recognised units of training. They include standard qualifications, apprenticeships and traineeships, industry specific skill sets, licensing and other technical skills as well as professional development courses like customer service, project management, work health and safety.

Courses are delivered by Registered Training Organisations (RTOs) in a variety of settings including schools, colleges, TAFEs, community centres, in workplaces, on their own premises, and online.

In Tasmania, TasTAFE is the primary public training provider, but there are also a range of other providers, some delivering a wide range of courses, whilst others specialise by industry.

2Finding a course

You can find Tasmanian government funded courses here or visit MySkills for more ideas.

Most Registered Training Organisations also provide course information.

If you are looking to start an apprenticeship or traineeship, an Apprentice Network Provider can also help you find the right course.

3Finding a training provider

Choosing a training provider to deliver your training is a key factor to the success of your training program - you should aim to choose one that can best meet your needs. You can also use the Tasmanian Course Search or MySkills to locate an training provider who may be able to tailor training to your needs.

There is funding available from the Tasmanian Government to reduce the cost of VET for employers and learners. RTOs wishing to access Tasmanian Government funding to provide subsidised training in Tasmania must be endorsed by Skills Tasmania. A list of Endorsed RTOs is available here.

Non-Endorsed RTOs can still deliver vocational education and training, however they cannot access Tasmanian Government funding to subsidise their training programs.

4Funding for VET courses

There are a range of sources of funding that can help pay for nationally recognised training for your staff, including apprenticeships and traineeships, other qualifications and skill sets.

See here for more information on the funding for VET courses for your staff.