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Building and construction training policy

This policy is designed to ensure that expenditure on government-funded building and construction projects helps to maintain skills in the industry.

Contractors and sub-contractors are required to use apprentices for a minimum of 20% of the labour required on-site and off-site for work undertaken on Tasmanian Government contracts.

The Policy

See also:

Treasurer's Instructions 1223
Government Building and Construction Training Policy
Provides instructions on the processes that agencies must follow when a Building and Construction procurement is affected by the Government Building and Construction Training Policy.

Treasurer's Instructions 1220
Prequalified Contractor and Consultant Performance Reporting
Provides instructions on the requirements for reporting on performance of prequalified building and construction contractors and consultants.

Variation Clause

Government department or contractor may apply in writing to the General Manager, Skills Tasmania, to vary the provisions of the policy where it can be demonstrated that compliance may eventuate in circumstances of hardship related to the limited amount of total labour hours in the contract due to the nature of the activities.

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