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What is Group Training?

There are organisations that employ apprentices and trainees and place them with a host business for their employment and training. These organisations are called Group Training Organisations (GTOs).

GTOs operate across Tasmania and Australia, and some GTOs specialise in particular industries.

Is group training for my business?

If you are an employer looking at employing an apprentice or trainee, you may be considering whether group training would be beneficial for your business.

GTOs can be especially beneficial for businesses:

  • looking to find the right person for their business needs,
  • to help manage the training of their apprentices or trainees,
  • that may not want to commit to the management of an apprenticeship or traineeship,
  • that don't have the resources required to employ or support an apprentice or trainee themselves,  or
  • that cannot offer the comprehensive on the job training required for an apprenticeship or traineeship.

What the GTO will undertake for my business

As the employer of an apprentice or trainee, the Group Training Organisation will:

  • undertake the vetting and recruitment of an apprentice or trainee,
  • place the apprentice or trainee with an appropriate host business or businesses,
  • manage and monitor the arrangements with host businesses,
  • pay all wages and allowances, superannuation, leave, workers compensation, and employment benefits to the apprentice or trainee,
  • meet the employer obligations outlined in the Training Contract,
  • meet the employment requirements outlined in Guideline 6 of the TTAC Policies and Guidelines,
  • oversee and ensure the standard, progression and continuity of on and off the job training, and
  • provide the support required to assist in the completion of their training,
  • oversee the apprentice or trainee relationship so the employer can focus on their business.

Finding a GTO

To find a Group Training Organisation, you should: