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Skills Tasmania

TTAC Policies and Guidelines

Under the Training and Workforce Development Act 2013 (the Act), the Tasmanian Traineeship and Apprenticeship Committee (TTAC) is responsible for overseeing the administration of training contracts. The TTAC sets policies and guidelines that, combined with the Act, establish the rules for training contracts and help apprentices, trainees and employers to understand their obligations.

The full document is available here: TTAC Policies and Guidelines | PDF 367 KB | effective March 2022

A list of the policies and guidelines is below.

If you need help with any issues relating to these policies and guidelines, please contact a Workforce Training Consultant.

1List of TTAC Policies and Guidelines

TTAC Policies

Policy 1           Consultation: Apprentice/Trainee and Parent Involvement

Policy 2           Training Contracts for School Aged Learners

Policy 3           Supervision Under a Training Contract

Policy 4           Minimum Requirements for Training Plans

Policy 5           Change of a Training Contract Qualification

Policy 6           Transfer to a new Registered Training Organisation

Policy 7           Extension of a Training Contract

Policy 8           Apprentices/Trainees and Industrial Disputes

Policy 9           Competency-based Wage Progression in the Building Industry

Policy 10         Abandonment of Training Contract by Apprentice/Trainee

TTAC Guidelines

Guideline 1     Entering into a Training Contract

Guideline 2     Employment Requirements for Training Contracts

Guideline 3     Probation Under Training Contract

Guideline 4     Suspension of Training Contract

Guideline 5     Transfer of Training Contract

Guideline 6     Transfer* of Apprentices/Trainees Where There is Not Mutual Consent

Guideline 7     Cancellation of Training Contract

Guideline 8     Disputes Relating to Training Contracts

Guideline 9     Competency-based Completion of Apprenticeships and Traineeships

Guideline 10    Tasmanian Operational Requirements for Group Training Organisations

Guideline 11    Vocational Placements

2Tasmanian Traineeships and Apprenticeships Committee (TTAC)

The Tasmanian Traineeships and Apprenticeships Committee (TTAC) is a statutory committee established under and governed by the Training and Workforce Development Act 2013 (the Act).

What does the TTAC do?

The objective of the TTAC is to ensure that Tasmania has effective and accessible systems and procedures for training contracts and vocational placements.

The TTAC issues guidelines and procedures for the operation of vocational placements and training contracts, and provides advice to the Minister on these matters. The committee may conciliate or arbitrate disputes arising from the terms, conditions and operation of training contracts and vocational placements, in accordance with section 52 of the Act.

The TTAC convenes bi-monthly or as required for urgent matters, and matters may also be considered out-of-session.

TTAC's clients are:

  • employers
  • apprentices and trainees
  • registered training organisations

The TTAC members

The TTAC is a seven person committee with the following members:

  • Philip Mussared (Chair)
  • John Oakley
  • Colleen Reardon
  • Ben Standen
  • Camille O'Meara
  • Sue Kilpatrick
  • Andrew Frost

The Department of State Growth

Skills Tasmania (Department of State Growth) staff assist the TTAC by:

  • Providing secretariat services to the Committee
  • Providing advice and support to employers, apprentices, trainees, registered training organisations (RTOs) and Apprenticeship Network Providers (ANP)
  • Approving new apprenticeship and traineeship qualifications (including funding where appropriate), and
  • Registering training contracts and administering the amendment of training contracts.


For further information contact:

Executive Support Officer, Workforce Policy and Strategic Relations, Skills Tasmania