Passion for design a boon for school student

Since she was a little girl, Bronte has had a passion for design and production and during high school started to develop her career through graphic design and production classes.

In 2018, Bronte was awarded the honour of the Australian school-based apprentices of the year for her achievements in gaining a Certificate 111 in Engineering – Technical through TasTAFE.

Her path to success is interesting. While in year 10 Bronte’s design teacher told her about a school-based apprenticeship offer at Direct Edge Manufacturing and how she would great for the job.

Bronte successfully applied for the position and then pursued a Certificate III in Engineering-Technical, whilst also completing her studies at Hellyer College. Bronte didn’t know that school-based apprenticeships were really an option for her, allowing her to both start her career while attending college.

Having the apprenticeship has allowed Bronte to be employed in her dream career while achieving her college and trade qualifications and gaining hands-on skill. Moving into an industry that is growing and has allowed her to gain skills in modern technology and be in touch with global trends in automation and advanced equipment.

She says “Becoming a school based apprentice was the best decision that I ever made. It is a pathway that I would highly recommend if you had the opportunity of doing so. It is fantastic way to enter your dream career and gain the hands-on practical skills that make you extremely employable.

“Business owners are looking for young bright students who are eager to put their best effort into their business. You can use you passion for your chosen field in all aspects of your schooling and you might get the chance to start your career early.”

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