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TTAC policy mandating minimum requirements for training plans

The Tasmanian Traineeships and Apprenticeships Committee (TTAC), then Tasmanian Training Agreements Committee, endorsed a policy mandating minimum requirements for training plans for all apprentices and trainees, which became effective from 1 January 2011.

These requirements were introduced to address issues raised by employers, apprentices and trainees with Skills Tasmania relating directly to a lack of specific information from registered training organisations (RTOs) about how, when and where training and assessment will occur.

The VET value chain survey of employers, apprentices and trainees conducted by Skills Tasmania in 2010 also found that many employers, apprentices and trainees surveyed were unclear about the 'how, when and where?' of training and assessment.

The implementation of the new policy will be audited by the Skills Tasmania Training Consultancy team within six months of the implementation date. All RTOs with learners under training contracts will be asked to submit a range of training plans to Skills Tasmania.

All RTOs were advised of this policy in writing on 20 July 2010.

Training plan template

The following template incorporates the new training plan minimum requirements:

Training plan template to meet TTAC policy 15 requirements | Word 153KB | updated April 2016

Registered training organisations (RTOs) are not required to use this template unless they choose to do so.  RTOs may choose to use this template as a basis to design their own training plan. However, all training plans used by RTOs for Tasmanian apprentices and trainees from 1 January 2011 must meet the requirements of the policy as stated above.