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Community services and health

Skills Tasmania work with community services and health industry bodies to advance workforce development, through planning and through implementing projects.

Current priorities including working in partnership with:

  • National Disability Services (Tasmania) to implement actions identified in the 2013 Workforce Development and Skills Plan. This plan focusses on preparation for the National Disability Insurance Scheme;
  • Aged and Community Services Tasmania to progress workforce development in the Aged Care sector. Current activity is focussed on the Workforce Hub project which integrates a range of workforce development activity in a central hub accessible to industry, training organisations, employment service providers, learners and workers;
  • Early Childhood Tasmania to implement actions identified in the Skills Plan for the Early Childhood Education and Care sector;

The Community Services and Health Industry Skills Council (CS&HISC) develop and maintain the Community Services training package, the Health training package and provide support and advice on a range of workforce development and skills needs. As a skills council, they administer the training package.

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