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Training Operations staff (Skills Tasmania)

The Training Operations team provides the following services to support the registration and amendment of training contracts for apprenticeships and traineeships in Tasmania:

  • Check, approve and register training contracts. 
  • Check, approve and process requests to amend the training contract. 
  • Manage the payment of travel and accommodation allowances for eligible apprentices and trainees travelling interstate and intrastate for off-the-job training. 
  • Issue travel warrants for eligible apprentices and trainees travelling interstate for off-the-job training.  
  • Provide advice on apprenticeships and traineeships to Apprenticeship Network Providers (ANPs), registered training organisations (RTOs), employers, apprentices, trainees and parents/guardians regarding the registration, amendment and payment of travel allowances.  

Enquiries regarding the administration of training contracts can be sent to the Training Operations team via email phone 03 6165 6055.

If you have any questions regarding travel and accommodation allowances call 03 6165 6055.
(see also Accommodation and travelling allowances for trainees/apprentices.)