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How to download or view training contract information from TrainingNet

The Training Contract information in TrainingNet is presented so that it can be downloaded and saved as a regular text file, or downloaded and saved as a compressed (zipped) file. If the compressed version of the file is saved, it will have to be uncompressed first before use (using an uncompress tool, like WinZip, PKZip or for the Apple Mac ZipIt). The text file can be imported into a database or spreadsheet system (eg Excel, Lotus 123). The information will be saved in tab delimited text format. This information can then be reorganised to suit the business requirements of your organisation.

The Training Contract information can also be viewed in HTML tables within TrainingNet but due to browser limitations cannot be printed effectively. Skills Tasmania recommends that the "download" or "download compressed (zipped)" facility be used to view and organise information.

Training Net Training Contract lists will be fully updated on a twice-weekly basis.
Example of how to download TrainingNet information into an Excel Spreadsheet:

  • Click on the download link in TrainingNet
  • Click on Page in your Browser
  • Click on Save As
  • Choose directory in which you wish to save the TrainingNet information
  • Rename file in File Name or use the file name that is automatically generated
  • Save file as "Text File" in Save As Type
  • Click on Save button

[If you chose 'Download compressed (zipped)' option instead, the Save As box will automatically be presented to you. Choose the directory in which you wish to save the TrainingNet information, leave the file extension as .zip and click Save. Before proceeding you will have to uncompress the zipped file using a utility program such as WinZip. After uncompression, you will have a .txt file which can be imported into database or spreadsheet programs as explained below.]

The TrainingNet file will now be saved into your chosen directory. This may take a few minutes depending on the size of the file being saved.

Open Excel then open the TrainingNet file.

A "Text Import Wizard" window will appear - click on delimited then the 'next' button, select 'tab' as the delimiter and then the finish button.

Your list of TrainingNet files will appear in your Excel spreadsheet. You can now format this spreadsheet to suit your business needs. You should contact your local Information Technology administrator if you wish to download this information into a database.