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Training delivery

Vocational education and training (VET) can be provided to clients through a range of options including on-the-job training, off-the-job training, distance learning, e-learning or a combination of these. This may include individuals requiring training to enter the workforce, for employers to develop their workforce, for people wanting to reskill and change career direction, young people engaged in employment based training while completing year 10-12, or for trainees and apprentices.

To meet the needs of businesses and students, delivered at times and locations that suit them, training can also be flexible. The following links highlight the flexibility of training and the various ways it can be delivered.

Delivering apprenticeships and traineeships
Traineeships and apprenticeships are employment based training arrangements where an trainee or apprentice has the opportunity to combine employment with training and can be full-time, part-time or school-based.

Delivering training in schools
Vocation education and training (VET) in schools allows secondary students to gain practical work experience and nationally recognised qualifications as part of their education.

Equity in VET
Skills Tasmania?s Equity area administers equity focused funds, available to both registered training organisation (RTOs) and community groups, which improve access for learners facing barriers to participation in vocational education and training. They provide advice to RTOs and community groups with further information regarding these funding programs and equity, in general, in the delivery of training.