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Registration and compliance for RTOs

Registered training organisations (RTOs) must be registered in accordance with the VET Quality Framework.  The framework is a set of standards and conditions that the Australian Skills Quality Authority (ASQA) uses to assess whether an RTO meets the requirements for registration.

Registration is the formal approval and recognition of an organisation to provide nationally recognised training products/services and issue qualifications related to these products/services. For RTOs seeking to deliver training products/services in Tasmania, registration of training organisations is carried out by ASQA.

Registration allows an RTO to operate in other States and Territories and ensures that other training organisations recognise that RTO's qualifications for the purpose of credit transfer and entry requirements for people who have completed training and assessment that the RTO offers. This will ensure the portability of students' qualifications and therefore the desirability of an RTO's training products and services.

Registration also provides the entry of an RTO's details and the qualifications that they are registered for on a national register known as (TGA). This listing will publicise an RTO's operations to important clients Australia-wide.

Skills Tasmania does not provide any funding assistance to persons or organisations intending to become RTOs.

An RTO must continue to meet the standards of the VET Quality Framework to ensure the ongoing maintenance of its registered status. Continuing compliance with the standards for registration will be monitored through a variety of means, including a compliance audit, which is a function of ASQA.

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