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Information for registered training organisations (RTOs)

Approved traineeships/Apprenticeships in Tasmania
Lists all available funded, non-funded and school-based traineeship and apprenticeship qualifications in Tasmania.

Registration and compliance for RTOs
Registration is the formal approval and recognition of an organisation by a state or territory registering authority to provide nationally recognised training products/services and issue qualifications related to these products/services. This page has information and links regarding the registration process and ongoing compliance.

Issuing certificates and statements of attainment
Information for RTOs about the issuing of certificates and statements of attainment, including promotion and publicity of training

Reporting and payment information
All providers with students funded by Skills Tasmania, under certain training programs, must submit data, otherwise referred to as AVETMISS. Laurel, a purpose built application that manages funding agreements and processes RTO payments for the delivery of such training, aims to streamline business processes so that claims for payment are integrated with mandatory data reporting.

Endorsed Registered Training Organisation System
Registration as a Skills Tasmania Endorsed RTO is the gateway for an RTO's eligibility to apply for Skills Tasmania programs for the delivery of government subsidised training in Tasmania. RTOs who wish to deliver Tasmanian Government funded training must apply to be endorsed before applying for any of the programs managed by Skills Tasmania and before entering into a Skills Tasmania Agreement.

Funding/subsidies for training
RTOs, both public and private, can apply to deliver a range of qualifications or training programs. Various contestable programs fund the delivery of this training, which, together with eligibility requirements, are all outlined. Eligibility for funding is listed under each program, however, where the learner is eligible for a User Choice subsidy, then the RTO should use this funding source in the first instance.

National VET Data Policy
The revised National VET Data Policy takes effect from 1 January 2018, with a six-month transition period to 1 July 2018.

Tasmanian Government Subsidised Courses
Current list of courses and traineeships/apprenticeships offered by RTOs in Tasmania

Unique Student Identifier (USI)
The USI is a tool to give students easier access to their VET records by providing accurate and comprehensive information about students' training achievements within the VET system. The USI will help build a consistent, national system for the storage of training information with benefits to students, training organisations, employers and governments.

Visa Status and Subsidy Eligibility
Eligibility for subsidised training is limited to certain visa categories. RTOs are required to check visas of potential students and to keep records to prove eligibility for subsidised training. This document provides clarity on which visa categories are eligible for Tasmanian State Government subsidised training. This document is updated annually.

2018 Tasmanian Vocational Education and Training (VET) Student Survey
The 2018 Tasmanian VET Student Survey aims to collect information on the reasons why students undertake training and whether the training helps these students achieve their goals. Also, for students who did not complete their training, the survey collects information on the reasons why they did not complete.

2018 Tasmanian VET Student Survey promotional kit
Promotional images and sample text which RTOs can copy and paste into newsletters and other communication tools to promote the survey.