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Skills Tasmania

Skills fund

The Skills Fund supports industries and businesses in Tasmania to grow and develop a skilled workforce by providing subsidies for training for existing workers to develop new skills through nationally recognised training.

It is open to Endorsed RTOs working in partnership with an employer or industry association to deliver the training.

There are generally two Skills Fund grant rounds per year.

1Eligibility for the Skills fund

Any Endorsed RTO can apply for a Skills Fund grant round in partnership with an employer or an industry association. Each Fund grant round has a range of eligibility, application and grant conditions that the applicant and partners must meet, including:

  • The Endorsed RTO must have the qualifications/skill sets/units of competency on their scope of registration.
  • The Endorsed RTO must be financially viable at the time of applying for and for the duration of any subsequent funding agreement.
  • The applicant must provide evidence of the partnership with the employer or industry association.
  • The employer/s must be willing to pay a financial co-contribution.
  • The existing workers who undertake the training must not be eligible for an apprenticeship or traineeship.

Further details are provided in the Fund Guide for each grant round, which will be available on this page when the grant round opens.

The next grant round is expected to open in February 2020. The previous round closed on 12 November 2019.

Details of approaching Skills Tasmania program rounds is available in the Program Release Schedule I PDF 81KB.

3Applying for the Skills fund

The Fund Guide for each grant round details the eligibility and grant conditions for that round and should be read before drafting an application. A link to the Fund Guide will be available on this page when a grant round is open.

Applications for the Fund are lodged through an online application form. A link will be available on this page when a grant round is open.

The application process requires you to address a number of criteria and attach supporting evidence. The criteria are focused on the need for the training, alignment to a priority industry, and the design and cost of the program in relation to learner needs.

Applications are assessed and scored by a selection panel.

Successful applicants will be required to enter an agreement with Skills Tasmania, which will set out the terms and conditions for receiving the funding.

4Training previously funded under the Skills fund

Details of training previously funded under the Skills Fund can be found here.

Program Guides for previous programs are available here.

5Can I vary my existing Skills fund agreement?

You can apply to vary your existing Skills Fund agreement through the online variation application form found here.

Need more information?

Contact Deb Doherty, Program Manager on (03) 6165 6012 or by email at