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Skills Tasmania

JobTrainer Fund

The Tasmanian JobTrainer Fund (the Fund) will provide grants to Skills Tasmania endorsed registered training organisations (RTOs) to provide fee-free nationally recognised training for job seekers, school leavers, and young people aged 17 to 24 to support them into employment as Tasmanian emerges from the COVID-19 pandemic.

Applicants must read the Applicant Guide before completing an application.

1About the JobTrainer Fund

The qualifications and courses approved for funding are in areas of strategic importance to the State and where there are strong future job prospects.

The training will allow learners to develop the skills and knowledge required to change or commence new or different careers.

The JobTrainer Fund is a jointly-funded initiative of the Commonwealth, state and territory governments.

In Tasmania, the Fund is managed by Skills Tasmania.

The Fund manager, Deb Wilcox, is available to answer questions about the Fund: 03 6165 6060 or

Applications closed on 17 November 2020.

Funding Budget

The budget for the Fund is up to $21,000,000, which consists of $10,500,000 each from the Commonwealth and Tasmanian Governments.

2Eligibility for the JobTrainer Fund

Who is eligible to apply?

To be eligible to apply, applicants must be:

  1. a Skills Tasmania endorsed registered training organisation (ERTO) and the ERTO appears on the ERTO list on the Skills Tasmania website: Endorsed RTO list. Where the RTO’s endorsement is restricted, the restrictions apply.
  2. scoped for the qualifications, courses or units for which they are applying and the scope must include Tasmania as a delivery site.

What are the learner eligibility criteria?

  1. The following learners are eligible for funding:
  • job seekers, who, for the purposes of the JobTrainer Fund, are:
  1. individuals out of work
  2. individuals who are in receipt of income support payments
  3. individuals who are underemployed, which is defined as employed people who would prefer, and are available for, more hours of work than they currently have, including part-time workers.
  • school leavers and young people aged 17 to 24, regardless of their employment status.
  1. All eligible learners will be eligible for a training place regardless of their prior qualifications.
  2. Eligible learners can undertake more than one JobTrainer qualification, course or skill set funded training place.
  3. An individual currently enrolled at a Tasmanian school, as defined by the Education Act 2016, is not eligible.

Qualifications, courses and skill sets eligible for funding

The qualifications and courses approved for funding are those in areas of strategic importance to Tasmania and where there are strong future job prospects for Tasmanians.

RTOs are able to apply for qualifications or courses from the approved list or the RTO can apply for skill sets created from core and/or identified elective units from within the approved qualifications or courses that meet a particular industry need and that are likely to lead to a job outcome for the learners.

All units used in skill sets must be named on the site in the packaging rules for a qualification or course on the approved list.

3Prices and loadings

The prices offered by the Fund include a COVID-19 loading to assist RTOs in managing the impacts of COVID-19 on the training, assessment and support services they provide to learners as well as allowing the RTO to waive any learner fees that would usually be levied.

Additional loadings were approved where the training will be provided to learners in a regional location or to a learner facing disadvantage such as those for whom English is a second language, long-term unemployed learners or those with a physical or learning disability.

The eligibility of individual learners for the regional and learner disadvantage loadings that an RTO has been approved for will be checked by Skills Tasmania when the RTO has lodged AVETMISS enrolment data showing which learners have been enrolled.

Where the RTO has been approved for more than one loading category for one qualification or skill set for a learner or group of learners, the eligibility of each of these learners will be checked by Skills Tasmania when AVETMISS data is reported for the relevant learner/s.

If it is found that a learner is not eligible for a regional or learner disadvantage loading, any payments made may be recouped by Skills Tasmania.

When is the ‘regional’ loading applicable and what areas are considered ‘regional’ in the context of loadings for the Fund?

Regional training loadings apply to the location in which the training and assessment is to be delivered.

Regional training loading will not apply to online training and assessment or training and assessment where the RTO does not travel to the regional location to provide training or assessment services.

Where an RTO has applied for regional training loading, Skills Tasmania will check that the training was delivered in eligible regions when the RTO has reported training activity.

The applicant guide contains details of which areas are considered ‘regional’ for this program.

4Reporting requirements

Successful applicants are required to report enrolment, training commencement, training continuance and completion to Skills Tasmania. Timely reporting is required to ensure that the Tasmanian Government receives milestone payments from the Commonwealth Government under the JobTrainer Fund Agreement.

‘Enrolment’ in the context of the JobTrainer Fund is defined as the point at which the learner is officially registered with the RTO on their student management system as a learner who will be trained by the RTO in the qualification, course or skill set shown in the student management system record.

Reporting enrolment has not been required by Skills Tasmania in previous grant programs but it is an essential grant condition for the JobTrainer Fund. Skills Tasmania will provide a tool for the reporting of enrolment for RTOs who are unable to provide this information in their AVETMISS data.

RTOs must submit their first JobTrainer Fund report to Skills Tasmania no later than the 10th day of the month in which the first JobTrainer Fund activity occurs (e.g. enrolments and training commencements), with all following reports to be submitted by the 10th of every month thereafter. If the 10th day of the month is not a business day, then no later than the last business day occurring before the 10th day of the month.

This document provides details on how and when to report enrolment and training commencement data.

5Funding allocations

For a list of JobTrainer Funding Allocations go here.

Need more information?

Contact Deb Wilcox, Fund Manager, on 03 6165 6060 or