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Registering as a Group Training Organisation (GTO)

Division 2 of the Training and Workforce Development Act 2013 (the Act) requires organisations to be registered as a GTO if they are to provide group training services to more than ten (10) apprentices and trainees placed with host employers in Tasmania.

To be registered as a GTO in Tasmania, an organisation must demonstrate that it can comply with:

  1. The National Standards for Group Training Organisations (January 2017), and
  2. The Tasmanian Operational Requirements for Group Training Organisations.

The National Standards were revised in January 2017 and endorsed by the Australian Government, and state and territory governments. The Standards cover:

  • recruitment, employment and induction of apprentices and trainees,
  • the induction and management of host employers, and
  • monitoring and supporting of apprentices and trainees and the governance and administration of the GTO.

The Tasmanian Operational Requirements for Group Training Organisations were revised in December 2018.
These revised GTO registration requirements are effective as of 19 December 2018.
The documents and templates required for registration are below:

Organisations seeking advice regarding registration as a GTO in Tasmania should email