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Starting a VET course

If you are interested in starting a VET course, here are the things you need to consider.

1When can I do VET?

Vocational education and training is all about gaining skills useful for your job or career. You can start a VET course at many schools from year 9 onwards, or as an adult through a registered training organisation (training provider).

You can do VET courses in a range of areas from business, to trades, health and care careers, creative areas and engineering.

To find out more, use the search links for course, training providers, industry and career options below.

You may consider starting a VET course for the following reasons:

  • To gain skills for your job or career
  • To start an apprenticeship or traineeship (after you complete school or during)
  • To improve your chances of a promotion or progression at work
  • Looking for a pathway to university
  • To get a job
  • When considering a career change to a different industry
  • To start a business
  • When considering a second job
  • To do some volunteer work
  • To learn more about a hobby or personal interest

VET is something you can do at any age, or stage of life and know that it will provide valuable skills and learning.

2What is available to me through VET?

Studying through VET can provide many opportunities and benefits. People who study via vocational education and training are proud of their achievements and develop skills and confidence useful for work and life.

Studies indicate that people who complete their VET courses often move straight into employment.

The Tasmanian Course Search and the MySkills website are great sources of information about the different industries, training courses and Registered Training Organisations that deliver those courses.

There are courses relevant to different industries, or short courses and skill-sets that might appeal to learners. Courses that can help those keen to improve their reading, writing or maths skills, and advanced study for those keen to undertake Diploma level of post-graduate studies.

To find out more about the industries below, visit the MySkills website:

3How do I start in VET?

For people that are thinking of starting a course or qualification, whether you are just out of school or you want to start a new job as an adult, VET is an excellent choice to get going.

The first thing is to identify what you’re interested in and then find a training provider that delivers a course in your area of interest.

VET is often delivered by TAFE organisations. In Tasmania, many VET courses are delivered by TasTAFE although there are many training providers that can offer courses relevant to specific jobs in industries.

If you are unsure what course you should be doing, search Tasmanian government funded courses.

The Australian Government also has some resources that may help.

  • JobOutlook has tools to help people plan their career and provides industry information.
  • MySkills has information that will help identify the courses and training providers in your area.

Should I ask my employer about training?

If you are employed and are thinking of gaining a qualification or more skills, you can also talk to your employer to see if there is a traineeship or apprenticeship that you can do. Find out more about apprenticeships and traineeships here.

If you know what direction you want to take, you can also contact the training provider that delivers the courses you are interested in and find out when the next intake of students starts.

4VET for School-aged Learners

There are a number of VET options if you are a school-aged learner* in Tasmania.

You can access VET:

  • At school or college, as part of your studies (ask your school, or the college you will be attending about the course options available or visit the Department of Education’s site for programs in public schools)
  • Under a training contract, in which you combine training and employment to gain a nationally recognised qualification.  A school-based apprenticeship or traineeship is a great option if you want to combine training and employment with your studies towards your Tasmanian Certificate of Education (TCE).
  • By undertaking a course at TasTAFE
  • By undertaking a course at a Trade Training Centre

Talk to your parents and your school to discover your full range of options, as well as any requirements you should be aware of. In many cases, VET courses can count toward your TCE but if you’re unsure, ask your school for advice.

In many cases, school aged learners will start a VET in schools course or an Australian School Based Apprenticeship as a way to gain practical skills to get ahead in their work journey, get a start on their apprenticeship or traineeship and to gain real-world experience and confidence.

*A school aged learner is defined as an individual who:

  • has not yet attained the age of 18 years, or
  • is 18 years or older and is participating in an Approved Learning Program or home education, as defined by the Education Act 2016.