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Skills Tasmania

What can I study through an apprenticeship or traineeship?

Pretty much anything! Across Australia there are more than 500 apprenticeships and traineeships available in a variety of occupations, in traditional trades as well as a diverse range of careers in most sectors of business and industry, including:

Agriculture, horticulture and related industries Printing
Building and Construction Manufacturing
Business services Property services
Finance services Public Services
Food Retail
Hairdressing Seafood
Community services and health Sport and recreation
Information technology Telecommunications
Light manufacturing Tourism
Local government Transport and distribution
Metals and Engineering Utilities and energy

The course must directly relate to the work you do in your workplace, otherwise it is up to you and your employer to work out which course you would like to undertake.

A few things to keep in mind – the course you decide to study must be approved to be undertaken as an apprenticeship and traineeship in Tasmania and may depend on what training is available in your area too. This page explains what qualifications are approved and funded as an apprenticeship and traineeship in Tasmania.

The Registered Training Organisation you and your employer want to deliver your training can help you decide.

Once you have decided what to study, you can get on with setting up an apprenticeship or traineeship!