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Training and Work Pathways

Training and Work Pathways Program

The Training and Work Pathways Program supports projects that increase opportunities for people experiencing disadvantage and barriers to participation in post-compulsory education and employment.

This program funds grantees to implement innovative projects that achieve program objectives. This can include the delivery of training; research that identifies need, barriers and prospective vocational pathways; supporting partnerships between community organisations, industry and training organisations to enhance VET options for disadvantaged Tasmanians and expand and sustain learning opportunities.

Program Objectives

The following are specific program objectives sought by the Program:

  • Encourage partnerships between individuals facing disadvantage, community organisations, industry, employers and training organisations to increase participation of individuals in education-related activities that will better enable individuals to secure employment.
  • Enhance the profile of VET by raising awareness and understanding of the role and importance of education in securing employment.
  • Identify existing barriers to engaging productively in education and finding targeted solutions and responses to those barriers.
  • Expand and sustain learning opportunities by supporting innovative community-based learning of various kinds that lead towards increasing participation in education and employment.
  • Increase the users of VET by attracting people who have experienced barriers to learning, to build personal, social and economic capital.
  • Improve the quality of learning experiences and outcomes by promoting learning opportunities in new and flexible ways, especially with regard to location and delivery arrangements.
  • Provide a pathway to further education and employment for individuals undertaking pre-vocational, bridging, and entry-level and foundation skills programs.
  • Enhance the employment potential and opportunities for disadvantaged Tasmanians in areas of industry need by contributing to the skills base of people facing barriers to VET and employment.
  • Fostering a dynamic and competitive training market in Tasmania that meets the needs of all.
  • Address training priorities identified by industry, employers and other stakeholders.

The program has now closed.

Enquiries about this program should be directed to the Program Manager, Kris McCracken at or 03 6165 6037.