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The training contract

The training contract is used in all states and territories for apprenticeships and traineeships and and is a legally binding contract between an employer and employee.

The training contract must be completed in full by the employer, the apprentice/trainee, and a parent or legal guardian if the apprentice/trainee is younger than 18 years of age.

The training contract contains:

  • the qualification to be obtained by the apprentice or trainee  
  • the nominal duration of the training contract
  • details of the registered training organisation (RTO) which will provide training and assessment services
  • the industrial arrangements under which the apprentice or trainee will be employed
  • employment arrangements, for example full-time or part-time
  • the training contract obligations [Word 55KB] of the employer, apprentice or trainee and the parent or guardian (where applicable).

See also Employment requirements

Definition and explanation of casual employment for those under a training contract

All apprentices and trainees must be either part-time or full-time employees. They cannot be casual employees as they must have:

  • an employment arrangement that guarantees employment for the duration of the training contract 
  • a regular pattern of work (to enable sufficient exposure to work and training to allow skill development) and  
  • a guarantee of minimum hours of employment every week (equivalent to the amount of hours agreed to in the training contract). 

Variations to the training contract

The Tasmanian Traineeships and Apprenticeships Committee (TTAC) has developed a number of policies to support changes to the training contract. They include requests for:

  • extending the term of the contract
  • changing the qualification
  • changing the legal name of the employer
  • changing the type of employment arrangement
  • changing the registered training organisation
  • extending the probation period
  • suspending the training contract
  • transferring the training contract to another employer
  • cancelling the training contract.

Visit the TTAC page for more detailed information on TTAC Policies and Guidelines.

All requests to vary the training contract are co-ordinated by the employer's nominated Apprenticeship Network Provider (ANP) and must be signed by all parties to the training contract.

All changes to the training contract will not take effect until it is approved by TTAC.

Employers should contact their local Apprenticeship Network Provider (ANP Search) who will be able to assist them with all aspects of the training contract.

For more information on training contracts contact Skills Tasmania on 1800 655 846.