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Support for apprenticeships and traineeships

Apprentices, trainees and employers may require assistance during the training contract for a range of reasons.  They may just need clarification as to who to talk to about the training being delivered or they may not be completely clear about their obligations under the apprenticeship or traineeship.

As an employer, other issues might arise about how to get additional assistance for your apprentice or trainee. You might like to know who to talk to if you are having problems with an apprentice or trainee.

As an apprentice or trainee you may be having difficulties discussing concerns with your employer or your trainer.

Listed below are a few options to help you gain the assistance you need.

What can employers, apprentices/trainees do if they have problems at work or with their training?A number of point of contacts, who provide advice, assistance and guidance to apprentices/trainees and employers, are available if there are any problems with the apprenticeship/traineeship, although the relevant Apprenticeship Network Provider should be the first point of contact.

The Out of Trade Register was established by Skills Tasmania to help those apprentices and trainees whose training contracts have been cancelled, to find employment.

Additional literacy and numeracy support for trainees and apprentices 
All apprentices and trainees are eligible to access additional tutorial assistance in the form of literacy, numeracy and study skills where it is considered by the employer, apprentice, trainee or registered training organisation that such assistance is needed for the individual to successfully complete training.