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Recruiting an apprentice / trainee

Before employers start the recruitment process, they need to be sure that their business is ready to employ an apprentice/trainee.

These questions should be considered by employers who are planning to employ an apprentice/trainee:

  • What type of position do I need to fill to address my business needs?  
  • What type of employee do I need?  
  • What skills does the employee need to have before they should be considered for employment?  
  • How much can I afford to pay? (NB: the relevant award will determine the minimum rate of pay for apprentices/trainees but some employers pay above the award rate in order to attract the staff they're looking for.)  
  • Is my business able to support a new employee with little or no experience?  
  • Can I provide a suitably qualified or experienced supervisor for the apprentice/trainee?  
  • Can I ensure that the apprentice/trainee will have sufficient exposure to the tasks they need to ensure adequate skill development?

Once the employer has determined the type of position they want filled and the skills required, they should use the advertising or selection process that suits them. That may be anything from media advertising through to contacting a group employment organisation (GTO) or a recruitment organisation.

Group training organisations (GTOs) employ apprentices/trainees and hire them out to 'host employers' for any period of employment that the employer requires. GTOs operate across Australia. Some GTOs specialise in servicing a particular industry, while others work across all industries located in their region.

It is important to note that Skills Tasmania does not find apprentices or trainees for employers.

When the employer has selected the most suitable candidate to employ as an apprentice or trainee, they need to contact an Apprenticeship Network Provider to oversee the signing of the training contract.Apprenticeship Network Providers are paid by the Australian government to conduct the contract sign-up process for apprentices/trainees. They are an ideal first port of call for those seeking advice and help or a general overview of the Australian Apprenticeships scheme. There is no fee for their services.

It is critically important that the parties signing the training contract (the employer and the apprentice/trainee) understand what the obligations of the training contract are and that they are aware of the relevant Tasmanian Traineeships and Apprenticeships Committee (TTAC) Policies and Guidelines such as adequate supervision of the apprentice/trainee and ensuring that all the tasks undertaken by the apprentice/trainee relate directly to the qualification named in the training contract.

Employers who require assistance with determining whether or not they are able to meet the requirements to train an apprentice or trainee should talk to a Skills Tasmania Training Consultant in their region.