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Accommodation and travelling allowances for apprentices / trainees

Travel and accommodation allowances are payable to apprentices and trainees who have a training contract registered with Skills Tasmania and who are required to travel either within Tasmania or interstate to attend training at their nominated registered training organisation. These allowances are paid to the apprentice or trainee and contribute to the cost of travel and accommodation.

The Travel and Accommodation Allowance Policy Statement and Guidelines includes eligibility requirements, allowance rates and other information. A Travel and Accommodation Allowance Claim Form must be completed and authorised by the apprentice's/trainee's nominated registered training organisation (RTO).

All claims for travel and accommodation must be made within four weeks of completing each training session.

  • Travel and Accommodation Allowance Claim Form
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If you have any questions regarding travel and accommodation allowances phone Skills Tasmania on 03 6165 6055.

These contributions should not be confused with the Australian Government allowance paid to apprentices and trainees living away from home to work outside their regional area.

Capping of allowances for interstate travel and accommodation

Given the large financial contribution made by Skills Tasmania on behalf of the State Government towards the cost of training apprentices and trainees, allowances paid for travel and accommodation needs to be capped. Once the cap is reached, any additional costs need to be met by the employer and/or the apprentice or trainee.

New apprentices and trainees who commence their training contract from 25 February 2017, and who are required to attend off-the-job training on the mainland, will have their allowances capped at $8,000 per calendar year.

Apprentices and trainees will be informed by Skills Tasmania once the contribution nears the capped amount so that further costs can be met by the employer and/or the apprentice or trainee.

In most cases, the capped amount will be sufficient to meet the costs of airfares, accommodation and airport transfers for apprentices and trainees .

Apprentices and trainees will be contacted by Skills Tasmania approximately 6-8 weeks prior to the scheduled date of training to organise flights. While every effort will be made to accommodate requests to fly at certain times, Skills Tasmania staff have a duty to ensure that flights are booked at times to allow apprentices and trainees to arrive in time for any scheduled training.

Where an apprentice/trainee has not received a phone call from Skills Tasmania staff at least 6 weeks prior to scheduled training start date, they are to phone 1800 655 846 and speak to a Training Services Officer. The contribution towards accommodation costs and airport transfer will be made directly into the apprentice/trainee bank account 5-10 days prior to attending training. Where this contribution is required earlier to enable accommodation to be booked and paid for in advance, please contact Skills Tasmania on 1800 655 846.