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Important contacts for apprenticeships and traineeships. Who does what?

Employers and apprentices/trainees might have contact with only one or two people during the course of an apprenticeship/traineeship. The system has been deliberately streamlined in that way. However, as either an employer or apprentice/trainee you should be aware of who to contact, in case you need to follow up on any area. In general, your Apprenticeship Network Providers (ANPs)should be your first point of contact.

Registered training organisations (RTOs)
An RTO is an organisation/individual registered with a State or Territory registering authority who deliver training and/or conduct assessments, and issue nationally recognised qualifications.

Apprenticeship Network Providers (ANPs)
ANPs are contracted by the Australian Government to provide information, advice and support to employers, trainees and apprentices about traineeships and apprenticeships.

Group Training Organisations (GTOs)
A GTO is an organisation that employs trainees and apprentices under a training contract and places them with host employers for the duration of their training contract.

Training consultants
Skills Tasmania's Training Consultants are available in Hobart, Launceston and Devonport to assist Australian Apprenticeships Centre staff deal with training contract amendments, and provide advice and guidance to trainees/apprentices.