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Becoming an apprentice or trainee

Information on this page is designed for those wanting to know more about becoming an apprentice or trainee, of which there are four steps (see below). If you want to know more about apprenticeships or traineeships, such as what incentives and subsidies are available, or what are the obligations of and support for apprentices/trainees and their employer, and much more, visit the main Apprenticeships/Traineeships page. 

Step 1 - Choose a career

Decide on the type of work and industry you want to work in. Find out if there is an apprenticeship or traineeship being offered in the industry that you have chosen by browsing the list of approved Apprenticeships/Traineeships in Tasmania.

Apprenticeships and traineeships can also be undertaken while still at school. School-based apprenticeships and traineeships have been designed to allow young people to commence employment based training while completing year 10, 11 and 12 of their education. For further information contact your Careers Officer or VET Coordinator at your school, or contact your local Apprenticeship Network Provider.

The following websites are a good starting point to find out more about your career options:

Step 2 - Find an employer

Put together a resume that outlines any work experience, hobbies, your school studies, achievements, your career goals and contact details.

Once you have decided on your career you will need to find an employer who will give you a job so you can earn and learn. You can do this by looking in the job vacancy ads in your local paper or online, contact an Apprenticeship Network Provider in your region (search on Apprenticeship Network Provider in your area) to assist you with job-matching services, directly contact employers in the industry you'd like to work in, or contacting a Group Training Organisation.

You can also visit This website advertises traineeships and apprenticeships in your local area and has details of your local Job Services Australia providers who can also help you. 

Step 3 - Getting started

You and your employer will need to contact an Apprenticeship Network Provider as you will be required to sign a training contract as an agreement to work and train together for a specified duration. A training contract is a legally binding document that outlines the roles and responsibilities of both you and your employer. If you are under 18 your parent or guardian must also sign the contract.

You and your employer will also need to choose a registered training organisation that will work with you and your employer to achieve the qualification. The registered training organisation will help you and your employer develop a training plan, deliver training, assess your achievement of skills and issue the qualification on successful completion of the qualification.

You and your employer will need to discuss with the registered training organisation any costs associated with the delivery and assessment of the qualification.

For a list of qualifications available and registered training organisations relevant to your chosen traineeship or apprenticeship, visit website. 

Step 4 - The paperwork

When you and your employer have completed and signed the training contract and the registered training organisation has agreed to provide training and assessment services, your nominated Apprenticeship Network Provider will lodge the training contract with Skills Tasmania. Skills Tasmania is the State Training Authority which administers the training contract for all apprenticeships and traineeships in Tasmania.

Skills Tasmania will validate the information contained in the training contract and, if correct and complete, the contract will be approved and registered. An incomplete training contract cannot be registered by Skills Tasmania. The incomplete training contract will be returned to the Apprenticeship Network Provider for amending. A training contract is not in force until it is registered.

Your nominated registered training organisation will, in conjunction with you and your employer, develop a training plan that helps you and your employer understand what is expected of you to achieve the qualification. It outlines what you learn, where you will learn it, how you will be trained, and how and when you will be assessed.

Once you have achieved these skills, the registered training organisation will issue you with your qualification and notify Skills Tasmania of your successful completion. This will allow the training contract to be completed.