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Research and statistics

Student and courses statistics

The National Centre for Vocational Education Research Limited (NCVER) publishes state and national data on all public system VET students (including students who are trainees or apprentices). This information can be found on the NCVER website:

All providers with students funded by Skills Tasmania must submit VET Provider Collection Data to Skills Tasmania according to the national AVETMIS Standard. Further information can be found on Skills Tasmania's Reporting and payment information page.

For any queries on research and data please email:

Trainee/Apprentice statistics

NCVER is also a good source of trainee/apprentice statistics. The Centre regularly releases estimates of trainee and apprentice numbers in training, commencements, completions and cancellations/withdrawals. These estimates are based on data supplied by the States and Territories, which are used in a formula developed by the NCVER, to produce estimates. Estimates are released in order to overcome the time delay between actual commencements and the availability of the data for release.

State and national data is provided by age, gender, occupational group and qualification level.
The statistics can be found on the NCVER website.

For further information on trainee/apprentice statistics email: