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Registering as a GTO

To provide group training services in Tasmania, an organisation must be registered by Skills Tasmania when it exceeds ten (10) apprentice / trainee placements with host employer(s).

To be registered as a GTO, an organisation must meet the Tasmanian Operational Requirements for Group Training Organisations and meet the National Standards for Group Training Organisations.

The National Standards were revised in January 2017 and endorsed by the Australian Government, and state and territory governments. They can be downloaded from the Australian Government Australian Apprenticeships website:

The Tasmanian Operational Requirements for Group Training Organisations consists of a Guide to Registration and a Registration Toolkit.

  • Guide to Registration | Word 42KB | PDF 150KB 
  • Registration Toolkit | Word 73KB | PDF 194KB

The Steps to Registration as a GTO in Tasmania

  1. Submit Application to Register or Re-register [Word 56KB] to Skills Tasmania.
  2. Conduct a Self-assessment against the Tasmanian Operational Requirements.
  3. Submit Self-Assessment Evidence Report [Word 88KB] to auditor.
  4. Auditor conducts an audit and submits an Auditor Recommendation Report [Word 94KB] to Skills Tasmania. 
  5. Skills Tasmania determines registration status and notifies organisation. 

The period of registration, which commences from the date of approval for 'new' GTOs, is for five years unless circumstances dictate a shorter term of registration. Such circumstances might be:

  • the GTO has requested an audit prior to the expiration of the five-year period in order to align their GTO audits with other independent quality arrangements.   
  • Skills Tasmania has determined that a compliance audit is warranted.

Interstate-registered GTOs should follow the Steps to Registration to apply for registration as a GTO in Tasmania but should also provide their latest external audit report against the National Standards for GTOs.

Templates are available to assist organisations with their application to register as a GTO.

An organisation offering group training services may operate in Tasmania without being registered provided the organisation has only 10 or fewer apprentice / trainee placements with host employer(s). However, such organisations would not be eligible for some state and Australian Government funding.

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