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Skills Fund

Work Ready Resource available
The Work Readiness Project conducted by the TCCI and funded by Skills Tasmania in 2015 has developed a new tool to support employers, jobseekers and RTOs to understand the skills and attributes that employers require when recruiting for work ready employees. This resource may be of use to you when engaging with jobseekers for your programs and preparing them for possible employment opportunities.

Qualities Employers are looking for in Employees | PDF 1MB

The Skills Fund program provides subsidised training via a range of options to suit the needs of industry and individuals. These include:

Skills Fund – special release

Great Customer Experience Grant - NOW OPEN

The Department of State Growth invites eligible organisations to apply for funding under the Great Customer Experience grant.

This grant supports the implementation of Stage 3 of the Great Customer Experience (GCE) Program by subsidising training to hospitality and tourism businesses.

The program has been developed in consultation with the Department of State Growth’s Tourism and Hospitality Supply-side Unit (THSU) and the Tasmanian Hospitality Association (THA).

  • Grant Opened: Saturday, 6 August 2016
  • Grant Closes: 2pm (AEST), Tuesday, 6 September 2016.

Submissions must be emailed to

For more information on the program, including objectives, eligibility and the application process, please download the program guidelines and application form.

Enquiries about this program should be directed to the Contact Officer, Deb Doherty, phone 03 6165 6012.

Skills Fund – Seasonal Industries Program

This pilot program supports employers to 'gear up' their workforce for the busy seasons and assist Tasmanians to access seasonal work as jobs become available.

Seasonal industries, such as food and agribusiness, tourism and hospitality in Tasmania have been identified as crucial to the future of the state's sustainable regional economic growth. Specialised training therefore is key to ensuring these sectors have a skilled workforce when needed.

The aim of the program is to:

  • ensure industry sectors have access to a skilled workforce at times of need  
  • ensure individuals have the skills to access and maintain employment opportunities in the region they reside  
  • contribute to the growth of regional communities.

This pilot program will focus on specific regions and encourage innovative responses to the skill needs of these industry sectors:

  • primary industries / seasonal agriculture  
  • tourism (including food tourism)  
  • hospitality (focussing on technical skills).

The training to be provided must be nationally recognised and is restricted to Tasmanian industry nominated skill sets only. The skill sets must reflect training that will provide access to seasonal work or improve the skills of seasonal workers to enable them to do their job, do it better and/or more efficiently.

Individuals targeted by this program must be Tasmanian and reside in the region. They can be existing workers, jobseekers (both registered and non-registered), or volunteers (events/festival only) and will be able to access the program multiple times depending on their need.

The tender is now finalised.

List of successful tender applicants:

Seasonal Industry Program ST038 | PDF 110KB

Demand Led Program

The Skills Fund Demand Led program subsidises the cost of training across a range of qualifications to build a productive and competitive workforce.

The Skills Fund gives priority to investing in skills for growth and investing in people and their futures by focusing on:

a. a more efficient and competitive training system;
b. a greater focus on delivering real skills for real jobs; and
c. investing in skills that drive State growth.

Language, Literacy and Numeracy and Employability Skills Service

This specialist service is now available to training organisations that are contracted to deliver training to a range of individuals under contestable programs Career Start and Jobseekers Skills Fund.

The approved RTOs to deliver this service are:

Work & Training Avidity Training
Harry Atkinson 
0400 103 136
Monica Wiggins 
03 6339 2813 / 0412 707 397

This group will work with you to support your learners providing them with appropriate LLN and or Employability Skills training to enable them to successfully complete their training. Only learners enrolled in Career Start or Jobseeker programs are eligible.


Deb Doherty
03 6165 6012

List of successful contracts

Skills Fund Tender ST041 | PDF 159KB

List of successful tender applicants