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Tasmanian Reporting Requirements

Apprentice / Trainee contract information

RTOs can apply for access to TrainingNet, an internet-based system provided by Skills Tasmania.

This facility gives RTOs the ability to view information about trainees and apprentices registered to their organisation. For more information, please visit the TrainingNet information page.

Tasmania specific requirements

The Tasmanian State Funding Source and National Funding Source codes are to be included in AVETMISS reported data. Please see the download document below.

The Purchasing Contract Identification number (PCID) must also be recorded against units you wish to claim payment for. The PCID is included in the Funding Agreement Schedule. The State Funding Source mapping provides an example of the PCID number format.

Download Document

State Funding Source Codes | PDF 279KB | updated 28 November 2016

Guide to reporting and funding in Tasmania | PDF 704KB | updated 1 December 2016

Monthly collection

RTOs who have funding agreements with Skills Tasmania are encouraged to submit AVETMISS data on a monthly basis on or before the 15th of each month. This facilitates payment against new training activity reported in the data and helps RTOs keep on top of data errors. Monthly data validation may allow minor discrepancies in data, these will be detailed in reports for action prior to the next submission. The AVETMISS data must also be sent to the office of Tasmanian Assessment, Standards & Certification (TASC).

RTOs who do not have a funding agreement with Skills Tasmania must report to the Office of Tasmanian Assessment, Standards & Certification (TASC) and NCVER on a quarterly basis. Please refer to the TASC website and NCVER website

Final collection

The final AVETMISS VET provider collection file is to be submitted to Skills Tasmania by 15 January for the previous year's delivery. All data must be final for the submission, all outcomes recorded correctly, withdrawn units and cancelled contracts must be up to date. Failure to provide correct data for the final submission of the year will result in irreversible errors that could impact on the next years funding allocation. Once the data is finalized it can be sent to Skills Tasmania following the same procedure as monthly submissions. Validation on the end of year data is thorough.

These files are the final opportunity for RTOs to make sure all training activity is up-to-date to ensure full payment for previous years training.

Payment for the previous and earlier years training will not be made for activity not reported in the final set of files.

Audit (VET provider activity data) and verification for payments

Evidence should be retained for payment verification or until 30 June of the year following the training activity.

National Centre for Vocational Education Research (NCVER) audits are carried out every 1-3 years.  Audits are held during April and May.

The role of the non-financial audit process is to assess the accuracy and reliability of the VET administrative collections to ensure that:

  • Training activity occurred
  • Training reported nationally is accurate
  • The information reflects the students experience
  • State systems and processes are quality assured

Making Your Enrolment Count A short animation video, produced by NCVER, highlights the purpose of the VET enrolment form and the need for accuracy when it's completed/entered by students, RTO staff and trainers. The animation also assists students, RTOs and office administrators in understanding why this information is needed, what happens to their information and how the information is utilised.

For further information on the audit process refer to NCVER Non-Financial Activity Guidelines [143 KB PDF]

Below are a number of examples of documents used for verifying information requested during the audit process that you may like to adopt for your work practices.  These forms are easy to follow and great in detailing all the information required in a simple format, e.g.

  • Client name
  • Unit of competency code and name
  • Commencing and completion training dates (assessment date) of unit of competency
  • Outcome result
  • Signatures and dates of parties involved - client, instructor/assessor

Sample Assessment Checklist [PDF 72KB]

Sample Client Visit Record of Assessment Form [PDF 119KB]

Sample Competency Assessment Result Sheet [PDF 56KB]

Sample Competency Checklist [PDF 62KB]

Sample Participant Assessment Sheet [PDF 191KB]